Helllooooooooooo! This has been a LONG time coming, but here we are! Let me introduce myself!

Hi! My name is Adrianna Joy Webb, but you can call me Aj! I started my business, Adrianna Joy Photography, LLC, in late 2013 after finally purchasing my first “real” camera after being a hobbyist & using pocket cameras since I received my first one in 2007. After working a few part-time jobs I finally went full-time in March 2017 & I haven’t looked back since! Being full-time has been a huge blessing & I truly can’t believe I get to do what I love for a living!

Like most photographers, when I started my business I took on any shoot people would hire me for! Anything from family sessions to gender reveals, to proms & graduations, seniors, couples sessions etc. After a few years I knew that I wanted to niche down to just portraits, couples, & weddings since they were what fueled my creative soul! In 2016 I had 3 amazing couples hire me to shoot their wedding even though I didn’t have much prior experience with weddings! They took a chance on me & I am forever grateful! 2023 will my 8th year shooting weddings which is absolutely crazy!

Being a photographer is a very important part of my life, but my family is my #1! I feel lucky to come from a family with parents who have been married for 29 years & to have 3 younger siblings, Lexi, Garrett, & Lincoln. I also have wonderful in-laws who love & support my husband & I so well! They are truly my whole world & my why. I’ve chosen to frame my business how I do so that I still have a healthy work/life balance. That’s why I’ve chosen to only take a select number of weddings per year, so that I can still have some weekends with my family! Being with them to celebrate holidays big & small is something I cherish deeply!

In my free time, I love to read, which is a hobby I picked up in 2022 after joining a friend’s book club. I ended up reading 70 books which is truly something I never thought I would say since I had hardly read any books since graduating high school a decade ago. Reading has brought me so much joy along with helping me lower my screen time which is always a goal!

Other things I like to do in my free time are play board games with friends, listen to endless amounts of true crime podcasts, & re-watch my favorite tv shows & movies for the millionth time! Some of my favorites are Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Harry Potter, How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, One Tree Hill, Grey’s Anatomy, & my all time favorite…Friends!

My husband & I started dating in 2014 & got married in August of 2015! Since being married we have traveled to a bunch of new places together, have hosted countless game nights & holiday parties, & have loved building a simple life together in our 2-bedroom apartment that truly feels like home. We are pretty simple people & enjoy a date night in far more than going out! We’re both nerds even if I don’t like to always admit it about myself😜

Some other random facts about me:

  • I lovvve Disney! I’ve always loved Disney but it became extra special to me in 2020 on my youngest brother Lincoln’s Make-A-Wish trip. We had the best week being treated like royalty & the magic was something I’ll never forget! Going to Disney is so healing for my soul!
  • Iced oat milk lattes or dirty chai’s are my go-to drink!
  • I have 4 tattoos & plan to get lots more!
  • I prefer gloom & rain over heat & sunshine!
  • I prefer the mountains, forests, & PNW beaches over tropical places!
  • I love animals! If you’ve ever ridden in a car with me, you know I say “hi” to all of the dogs & cows we pass!
  • I’m a little awkward & goofy, but I like using it to my advantage to make people laugh!
  • I’m an INFJ, 3w2, & a Slytherin.
  • I’m an extroverted introvert. I can be shy meeting new people, but once I get comfortable with you as my best friend says, “you can’t get her to shut up!”
  • I love Christmas! At *cough cough* 27 years old, I STILL wake my family up at 6am to start the day! I love tradition & this is my favorite one! There is nothing like Christmas morning with my family. It’s a day I cherish so deeply!
  • 2 of my siblings & I all share a birthday week! My brother was born July 2nd, my sister the 7th, & I on the 8th! We were born 4 & 9 years apart, but having the same birthday week has been so fun!
  • My youngest brother, Lincoln, was adopted from Thailand! I don’t say that because we treat him any different, but because it’s something we are so proud of! He completed our family & filled a gap I don’t think any of us realized we had. He is my favorite human on this earth (sorry hubby😉) & I feel like the luckiest human to be his oldest sister!

I hope after reading this you feel like you’ve gotten to know me better! I can’t wait to hear what we have in common!


Line 1 – My first & most recent photo with my camera

Line 2 – Photos from my wedding

Line 3 – My whole heart. A family photo from my sister’s wedding

Line 4 – 3 of my loves. Disney, Harry Potter (at Universal Studios), & Cannon Beach

Line 5 – Me

Line 6 – My people. My best friends. My bible study crew.

Line 7 – More photos of me with my family

Line 8 – Me during more of my travels

Line 9 – Some of my favorite things: ice oat milk lattes, reading, thrifting, & games

Line 10 & 11 – Behind the scenes photos while working with my amazing clients

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