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If you're looking for a photographer who will capture real moments instead of forcing you into stuffy & unnatural poses, then I'm the gal for you! I strive to capture real moments & give you prompts to keep things moving! With me, you don't have to worry about your hair being perfect, where your hands should go, or if you did the prompt perfectly, because I want to capture you for who you uniquely are! My heart comes alive when I get to capture couples on one of their happiest days! Whether you're sweet & gentle or wild & loud, I am here for it all!

you might be my client if:

You care more about your marriage than your wedding day.

You prefer mountains to the beach.

You like going on adventures.

Your bucket list of places to visit is a mile long.

You’d rather invest in experiences than things.

You see a puppy & want to cuddle it.

Your wedding dress gets dirt on it & you just shrug.

You prefer ice cream to cake. 

You love making people laugh, even if you look silly to do so.

You’re already screaming YASSS WHERE DO I BOOK YOU?!

You see a puppy & want to cuddle it.

Your wedding dress gets dirt on it & you just shrug.

You prefer ice cream to cake. 

You love making people laugh, even if you look silly to do so.

You’re already screaming YASSS WHERE DO I BOOK YOU?!

Aj is the absolute best! I’m so grateful we had her as our engagement & wedding photographer! Our pictures were stunning & beautiful. You can tell she loves what she does & puts so much energy & time into delivering quality work to her clients. I can’t wait to work with her again in the future! Also: absolute bonus, we got both of our photos back so much sooner than anticipated!
- Nicole & Bill


I'm located in Dubuque, Iowa

Where are you located?

I offer portraits sessions, couples sessions, adventurous elopements, & intimate weddings! I do not offer family, maternity, etc. sessions, except to friends/family & past clients!


I do not! It would be like ordering a cheese pizza from Domino's & receiving raw dough, a cup of cheese & sauce. I wouldn't feel like I got what I paid for! If you want to see some before & afters of my work, just ask! 

Do You Give Out Unedited Photos?

Typically I break my payments up into 2. One to be paid to be officially booked & the other half 2 weeks before your session or event, but if you need it broken up into more payments I'd be happy to do so! I prefer payments to be made via check, but paying on HoneyBook is also available. 

How Does Payment Work?

I only book out 9-12 months in advance! I do this simply because life can change very quickly. I don't have plans to, but I could move, be pregnant, have a baby, etc. so I don't want to be locked into something too far out in case a personal change comes up! But please still reach out even if you're outside of my booking window & we can talk!

How Far Do You Book Out?

I only book out 9-12 months in advance, but if you wedding is outside of that please still reach out! If your wedding is 12+ months out we can still have our initial consult meeting & from there we can decide if we are the best fit for each other. If we are, then I will keep your project open & can contact you when your wedding date is within the 12 month window, then we can make things official! If your wedding is less than 9-12 months out then reach out immediately! I've shot many weddings that were only booked a few weeks or months out from the initial inquiry! Doesn't hurt to reach out!

When Should We Book You?

HECK YES!!! I absolutely love to travel & have traveled to WI, IL, MN, IN, KY, TN, NY, CO, WA, OR, CA, ID, & UT for weddings & shoots! It's one of my favorite things as a photographer!

Do you travel?

I'd be happy to! If your wedding is local to me I will be able to send you local vendors that I've worked with. If your wedding isn't local to me, I may not have personal experience working with vendors at your wedding venue, but I'd be happy to help you look for vendors if you need help!

Can you recommend other vendors?

My rule of thumb is to only photoshop out things that won't be there in a week such as a pimple. I do not alter people's appearances.

Will You Photoshop Us?

If the weather is really bad on the day of your session you have the choice to reschedule if the circumstances permit that. But I am always down to shoot through the weather! I've shot in high winds, pouring rain, blizzards, etc. so I'm down to still shoot if you are! 

What Happens If The Weather Is Bad?

Email! Email through your HoneyBook Portal is the best way for us to communicate because then everything will be in one place! It helps keep everything organized & for neither of us to miss anything. Of course you can reach out on socials if you really need to, but email will always be the best way to reach me!

What Is The Best Way For Us To Communicate?

I don't require an engagement session, but I HIGHLY recommend it! Doing an engagement session is not only a great way to capture this stage of your life & have a fun date night, but it also gives you the chance to get familiar with how I work!

Do You Require An Engagement Session?

For couples or portrait sessions my turnaround time is typically 2-4 weeks. For elopements/weddings my turnaround time is 4-6 weeks. Sneak peeks are always given though to hold you over until your gallery is finished! 

What Is Your Turnaround time?

If you're within driving distance I charge you the government rate per mile. If you're 3+ hours away from me I also charge for 1-2 nights in a hotel. If I have to fly to your location I charge for gas to/from airport, flights, rental car, & hotel fees. I ALWAYS look for the best prices & try to make it as inexpensive as possible for you! 

How Do Travel Expenses Work?

ABSOLUTELY! I lovvve to help my clients with not only the photography aspect of their wedding, but anything else I can help with! I use my experience planning my own wedding, friends weddings, & my 7+ years in the wedding industry to help you plan the day of your dreams! 

Do You Help In The Planning Process?

I don't guarantee a set amount, but I roughly deliver 50-75 images per hour depending on the session.


More questions?

If there are any questions you still have after reading through the answers above, please write them down to either email me, or to go over in our consult meeting. I'd be more than happy to answer any other questions you might have!